Season Lease Ski Package

  • Beginning on the first weekend in November you can rent quality, lightly used equipment for the season. You and your family come in and get outfitted with Skis, Boots or the whole package. You leave with it, act as if it were your own and then return the equipment at the end of the ski season. If your kids outgrow the equipment (or there is any other unforeseen problem) mid season, just come in and we will make sure you leave with the best fitting gear possible.

     Age Boots only Skis Only Skis, Boots And Poles
    12 and under $60 $120 $170
     13 - 17  $90 $160 $220
        Please don’t hesitate to call us at 209.753.2844 or email with any questions. We look forward to meeting your family and sharing your outdoor enthusiasm.