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NOAA Sacramento Weather Discussion

NOAA Reno Weather Discussion 

Current Eastern Pacific Infrared Image (Courtesy of IPS Meteostar)
Eastern Pacific IR

Current Eastern Pacific Water Vapor Image (Courtesy of Naval Research Laboratory)
Water Vapor

Pacific Infared Loop (Courtesy of NOAA)

Pacific Water Vapor Loop (Courtesy of NOAA)

24-hour forecast quick look (courtesy of NCAR)
24-hour forecast

Precipitation Forecast: Total over Next Five Days (Courtesy of NOAA)
5 Day Precipitation forecast

Jet Stream Forecast: Next Five Days (Courtesy of California Regional Weather Server)
Jet Stream loop 

GFS 10 Day Precipitation Forecast (Courtesy of Unisys)

6-10 Day Temperature Forecast  (Courtesy of NOAA)

6-10 Day Precipitation Forecast  (Courtesy of NOAA)

Sea Level pressures and fronts Days 3-7  (Courtesy of NOAA)
Probability of Precipitation Days 3-7 (Courtesy of NOAA)

Maximum and Minimum Temperatures Days 3-7 (Courtesy of NOAA)

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